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Our Services that Bring a Smile to Your Face

Looking good requires planning and care, creating a beautiful smile is no different. At Laradent, our most important principle is to ensure that all our guests leave us with a beautiful smile, without exception.

Our expert digital dental design service is just a click away!

The CAD CAM, frequently used in the field of aesthetic dentistry, allows us to produce teeth as our patients have dreamed. CAD CAM dental system, which means the design and production of teeth supported by computers, provides many conveniences. With this method, the size of the teeth is easily taken at one time with intraoral scanners, without using extra material from the patient for measurement. Although Laradent Premium Clinic is one of the leading companies in the field of digital dentistry, our expert doctors control the delicate processes during all these procedures and allow healthier results with medical intervention where necessary. We aim to fulfill our patients' dreams with our flawless services resulting from the combination of our expert doctors and our state-of-the-art system.

Teeth Whitening

Discolorations originating from the structure of the teeth, which cannot be removed by superficial cleaning processes such as brushing teeth or cleaning tartar, can be removed by teeth whitening (bleaching) method.

Dental Cleaning

In the dental cleaning process, tartar and plaques on the tooth surface are cleaned using various tools. These tools do not harm the tooth enamel and are effective only in removing plaques and tartars that have covered the tooth surface.

Orthodontic Treatment

It involves the correction of placement disorders in teeth using braces under doctor control. On the other hand, disorders in the positions of the jawbones to each other and the skull base can also be corrected with orthodontic treatment.

Implant Treatment

With the artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone and the crowns made afterward, your teeth can have a perfect appearance. The prostheses made on the roots that can be used for a lifetime bring the chewing function to a flawless state.

High Service Quality and Standards

In our clinic, which always has the latest technology, we provide service with experienced, friendly and reliable specialist dentists who offer the best treatment for you. We think about you, starting from your comfort to the quality of your air, with our anti-bacterial/allergic air conditioning system and our garden specially designed for your comfort. We offer you the opportunity to rest in our ultra-luxury designed rooms for all your rest needs that may arise for your long-lasting procedures, and during this period, we carry out all your preparation processes with our expert teams.

Service at International Standards

Laradent is a leading premium dental clinic in its field, providing service with maximum efficiency by combining the highest technology and highest quality in order to provide treatment at international standards to all its patients.

Superior Experience and Patient Satisfaction

All dentists within Laradent are experienced and well-known dentists in their fields. Our dentists have a history of 100% satisfaction and success by introducing thousands of patients to the perfect smile with their knowledge and experience.

All Inclusive Service

We have the infrastructure/business partners to plan many details such as travel, accommodation and transfer for our patients who plan to come from abroad or out of town. Although we have facilities such as valet service, accommodation service and free parking for our patients, we offer a more comfortable service to our patients who speak English, German, Russian and Arabic, as if they were receiving service in their own country.

Address of Beautiful Smile

Each procedure performed at the Laradent clinic is planned for patient's health, comfort and happiness. All these operations have a certain warranty coverage according to their category and free support is provided when necessary.


Warranty Period

  • Lifetime


Warranty Period

  • 10 Years


Warranty Period

  • 5 Years


You can call us to see the privileged service in our clinic and evaluate your treatment options and benefit from our free consultancy service with our dentists. For all operations and procedures performed in our clinic, we provide services with dentists who are experts in their fields. We ensure that our patients achieve the correct and desired result by considering every detail separately in the name of a perfect smile.


Founding Dentist CV

Çiğdem SÜZER

Founding Dentist CV

A beautiful smile provides advantages in many areas of life. Your most important accessory that completes your charismatic and impressive appearance is a beautiful smile and impressive teeth. Laradent's experienced dentists provide you exactly this!

We Grow Together

We are growing day by day with our valued patients and our close-knit, friendly team.

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